Against Fascism and for Peace and Liberation

This is a guest post and does not entirely reflect LOOP’s precise views. We do appreciate guest contributors to submit anti-imperialist, anti-colonial posts.

Most of this criticism about the Trump-Putin summit in Finland this past month is just a line from the Democratic Party. These crooks are nobody to be listened to: the Democratic Party shamefully support NATO and an escalation of aggression against Russia and the DPR Korea. The liberals have been a major supporter of attacks on the Black Liberation Movement, a major defender of the FBI, and in general a supporter of regime change via assassination of political leaders and war. Why would leftists bother parroting the Democratic Party line against Russia?

Editors note: LOOP believes that the crime of the US-Russia summit is Russia’s compromise with US imperialism. A thorough analysis of the role Russia is playing with the United States is a discussion for another article.

Trump is trying to strengthen NATO. The expansion of NATO will only lead to more bombardments like in Yugoslavia in 1999 and Libya in 2011. The US calls NATO a force for peace. This is hardly peace-keeping! The US always needs an enemy in the Third World to vilify, whether its China, Russia, the DPRK, or Iran. Back at home, the US uses racism and anti-immigrant attacks to vilify oppressed peoples here. The US operates on a domination of world markets and an exploitation of the world’s oppressed peoples and the Earth’s resources to the advantage of the super rich.

The US has the most military bases around the world, not Russia. Russia is not the imperialist villain. The imperialist villains are the leaders of the United States. Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, warmonger who has violated Palestine’s sovereignty in moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and has removed children from their parents. Now, we must be in the streets demanding real justice for peace and liberation.