Points of Unity

The Organization for the Liberation of Oppressed Peoples (LOOP) is a communist organization dedicated to the advance of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics.

  1. Decolonization. LOOP is committed to decolonization, the repatriation of all Native land and the restoration of Native self-determination and lifeways on that land. Every inch of the settler nation now called “the united states” is stolen land, and the oppression of Native nations is rooted in this ongoing dispossession. LOOP struggles against all forms of settler colonial politics, both right and “left,” and unites with all demands and struggles which push forward the return of Native land and justice for Indigenous peoples.
  2. Anti-Imperialism. The principal contradiction in the world is that between oppressed and oppressor nations. Our commitment to a proletarian and revolutionary internationalism means that we struggle to advance this principal contradiction in the favor of the world’s oppressed peoples and nations, the global majority. LOOP recognizes that a defining feature of imperialism today is an immense drain of surplus value from Global South labor to the parasitic nations of the Global North. LOOP works for the end of imperialism and demands the repatriation of this stolen wealth to its creators, the international proletariat.
  3. Communism. LOOP’s aim is the achievement of communism, a classless society free of all forms of oppression. We have strategic confidence that the oppressed masses of the world will fight for and achieve a global society which is truly democratic, egalitarian, and guided by the principle of “from each according to her ability, to each according to her needs.” LOOP views the struggle against revisionism as an essential pillar of revolutionary politics.
  4. Feminism. LOOP condemns the horrendous existence of patriarchy, the structural domination of society by men. LOOP opposes the injustices patriarchy commits against queer folks, and especially trans folks. LOOP rejects colonialist, imperialist, and Orientalist conceptions of gender and sexuality.
  5. Anti-Opportunism. LOOP is in solidarity with other organizations and individuals who support anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics. In doing so, LOOP upholds a principled commitment to internationalism as a cornerstone of proletarian politics. LOOP rejects the opportunist trend within the Global North for “left” groupings to form “red-brown” coalitions and facilitate fascist entryism into anti-imperialist circles.